Astrological Services:

Personal Astrological Readings:

Birth chart readings, including a two-year forecast, last about 90 minutes to two hours, and are $100.00. During this time, I will try to answer any questions you have concerning relationships, career, health issues, and the timing of events in your life, for example, when to sell a house, when to apply for a new job, etc.

Couples Readings:

Drag your romantic partner along to a reading! Your strengths and challenges as a couple will be shown to you in what astrology calls the art of "synastry." $100.00 gets you 90 minutes with me, and this may save you millions in the future!


I'm available for your party, provided I'm not having one of my own on the same day. If you are having a group of friends over, give me their birth data in advance, and I'll be able to give readings with a strong dose of humor to the delight of your guests (hopefully!!). Chart printouts included. $100.00 per hour.

Computer Reports:

There are two reports that I've come to like, and I offer them inexpensively:

1) Heaven Knows What -- Based on Grant Lewi's seminal work, this report is the best basic computer astrology report I've seen. A great overview of your astrological traits, it also has forecasts for two years. ~ 28 pages. $19.95

2) Midpoint Keys -- The future of astrology is harmonics, midpoints, and planetary trees. This report gives highly fine-tuned anaylses and gets very specific to your individual talents and character. Two years of forecasts accompany this report. ~ 85 pages. $34.95.

Both HKW and MK reports: $44.95.

3) Astro-Locality -- Whether you are planning to travel or move permanently, this report will identify favorable and unfavorable localities according to your birth chart. Detailed maps and color-coded references make this report easy to use. ~ 14 pages. $29.95.

Readings can be done in person or over the phone for no extra charge.

Please contact me by phone -- (208) 696-2400 or by email -- ed @, so we can discuss a your reading and set up a time. Phone readings require payment in advance.

Cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards are accepted.


Astrology is an ancient concept, but modern USAnian legal edicts handed down by the gods of government force me to say that under no circumstances should any astrological activity by me be considered anything other than for entertainment purposes. I have no license for my craft, nor is it sanctioned by any professional controlling legal authority. I will not diagnose anything, nor will I proscribe anything.

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