Famous (and not-so-famous) Pentagrams of Washington D.C. - Part 4
Mundane Astrology
The Knepf's Snake-eye
by Ed Kohout

Famous (and not-so-famous) Pentagrams
of Wshington D.C.
Part 4

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Masonic geometry of Washington D.C.

The Pentagon

As can be seen in this series' titular graphic above, the Pentagon "points" to the White House, which houses the Commander in Chief, at a 33° angle.  FDR was responsible for specifying the location and basic situation of the Pentagon, with the specifics of the design being handled by others.

Each side is 921.6 feet long, and the distance from the center to any outermost point is 784 feet, which translates into total ground-level area of 2,091,431.4 square feet, or the size of 37.25 football fields.  Interestingly, it would take 1,333 Pentagons to fill up the original 10-square-mile area of the District of Columbia.

The "five" symbolism of the Pentagon permeates the entire structure.  Five stories tall with five concentric "rings," at its center is a five acre courtyard that is a permanent "at ease" zone.  It also boasts a height of 77 feet, symbolic of the longitude of Washington D.C. -- 77° west -- considered to be God's Longitude. (see also)

The terrorist attacks of September 11 made popular the little known fact that the Pentagon's construction began on that same date 60 years earlier, in 1941.  88 days after 9-11-41, the USA declared war against Japan, and 13 months after that the world's largest office building was ready for the military to move in.  Some have theorized that this date was chosen by the terrorists to send a message that a new World War was commencing, and it was without a doubt the worst attack on the USA's mainland since Pearl Harbor.  In any event, the number of 5th-harmonic aspects for the groundbreaking chart are far above normal:

  Combination   Orb   Applying /Separating
 Moon Quintile Pluto  0°01'  Separating
 Sun Bi-Quintile Mars  0°52'  Separating
 Mercury Quintile MC  1°40'  Applying
 Venus Bi-Quintile Uranus  1°24'  Separating
 Mars Decile Saturn  1°00'  Applying
 Mars Decile Uranus  0°47'  Separating
 Jupiter Decile MC  0°44'  Applying
 Saturn Bi-Quintile Asc  0°42'  Separating
 Uranus Bi-Quintile Asc  1°05'  Applying

In the wake of the 9-11 atrocity and the obvious astrological and numerological connections to the past, much debate ensued about how exactly to cast an astrology chart for a building, which is an undertaking that spans much time and could conceiveably have numerous starting and ending points of varying relevance.  A website about the Pentagon lits many facts about the building, including this useful chronology:

"At a Thursday, July 17, 1941, hearing on construction projects before the House Subcommittee on Appropriations, the Chairman, Mr. Woodrum of Virginia, suggested to Brigadier General Eugene Reybold and Brigadier General Somervell that the War Department find an overall solution to its space problem rather than the partial solution proposed by the Public Buildings Administration. Somervell directed Architect G. Edwin Bergstrom to place on his desk, by 9 o'clock Monday morning, basic plans and architectural perspectives for an office building to house 40,000 people. Five days later, on Tuesday, July 22, 1941, Reybold and Somervell presented the plan to the Subcommittee. The plan was approved by the House on July 28, 1941, and by the Senate on August 14, 1941. On August 25, 1941, President Roosevelt signed the bill appropriating funds for construction. However, because of considerable controversy over the proposed location at the foot of Arlington National Cemetery, he reserved the right to pick the site. The following day, the President directed that the construction site be moved south to the Pentagon's present location."

We can list these events surrounding the Pentagon as such:

Hearing:    July 17
Plan Ready:    July 21
Plan Presented:    July 22
Legislation passes Congress:    August 14
Bill signed by FDR:    August 25
Groundbreaking:    September 11

Easily discernable is that July 17, August 14 and September 11 are dates when Luna is in Taurus, its exalted sign.  Yet, without the President's signature, moving forward on the project would have been impossible.  FDR signed this legislation on a day when the Moon rose in mundo as Sirius culminated:

 Figure 4-1

In the vein of new undertakings, this kind of alignment with Luna and Sirius is considered highly desireable in Masonic astrology; a rising Luna in (constellational) Virgo symbolizes the desire for a successful and divine undertaking in the tradition of Washington D.C. as laid out in Part 2 and Part 3.  Sirius culminating symbolizes the realization of a major facet of Masonic destiny.  This configuration is exactly the same as the JFK speech given in 1961 (see Figure 1) that officially launched the Apollo program to place a man on the Moon.

Another astrological fact that came about in the wake of the terrorism last year presented a significant clue to the possible Masonic reverence for September 11.  On this date, in our current epoch, as Spica rises over Washington's latitude, the Sun attains an elevation of 33°.  This was the case at the moment that Flight 77 impacted into the wall of the Pentagon, as seen in this eastward looking skymap:

 Figure 4-2

A similar skymap for the groundbreaking would look like this:

 Figures 4-3, 4-4

As the Pentagon's ediface "points" to the White House at a 33° angle, so does the emphasis on Spica "point" to the cornerstone ceremony of the White House in 1792.  (Notice also that Neptune is conjunct to Zavijava.)

The following graphics show this groundbreaking ceremony Spica rising as astrology wheels, with the latter showing only quintile aspects:

 Figures 4-5, 4-6

Given the penultimate importance of Spica and Virgo in the astrometrical history of Washington D.C. , as well as the history of Speculative Freemasonry and the Declaration of Independence, along with the geometrical symbolism of the "33," it seemed rather interesting that the terrorists had impacted their weapon into the building at this unique time on that day.  The very date of "September 11" has a long history in regards to Masonry.  It was on this date in 1826 that Captain William Morgan was abducted and allegedly murdered by a band of Freemasons in response to his publishing a book that revealed secrets of Masonic initiation called Illustrations of Masonry, by one of the Fraternity Who has devoted Thirty Years to the Subject. "God Said, Let there be Light, and there was Light."  In fact, Morgan submitted his manuscript on August 14 to the office of R. R. Lansing, the Clerk of the Northern District of New York.  The legacy of Morgan haunted the ranks of American Masonry for decades, with not only a sharp decline in membership, but also the birth of the Anti-Masonic Party.  It would not be until the Civil War years that Freemasonry would regain its previous stature.

This is not to imply that there is any real connection between the two unrelated events.  However, Morgan perhaps had his reasons for submitting his work on that particular date of August 14, and his nemeses perhaps had their reasons for bringing him to "justice" on September 11, which was a lunar return of the 14th.  Other illustrious American tragedies have taken place on September 11, most notably the CIA-induced coup d'état in Chile in 1972, and the Meadow Mountain Massacre in 1857.  Yet, the cornerstone of the GAO building was laid on September 11, 1951, showing the date's legacy to be a mixed bag of hope and despair.  

The fact that "September 11" has been magnetically attracted to the Pentagon via Spica and "33" suggests there is a small chance that the events of last year were more than a coincidence.  After all, what are the chances that the terrorists aboard Flight 77 were hoping to time thier collision within a minute of Spica rising over the horizon?  Very slim, surely, but the following delineation will hopefully shed some new light on a heretofore unknown aspect of the Pentagon’s astrology.  

Assuming that the military does most everything in a deliberate, measured and precise fashion, a look to the the "end" of construction might be in order.  According to the website, the Pentagon was dedicated as a completed building on January 15, 1943.  The building was not truly "finished" on this date, but it was far enough along to be functional and to allow large parts of the military to move in.  There are quintiles between the Moon and Pluto as well as Jupiter and Neptune:

 Figure 4-7

Also a lunar return to Taurus, we find an abundance of quintiles between the two charts:

 Figure 4-8

There is more to the two dates than just a lunar return.  Like the Gateway Arch, I wondered if the construction "midpoint" might shed some light on the reason for the choice of dates to both "break ground" and "dedicate."  The midpoint in time of the groundbreaking ceremony and the dedication ceremony, May 15, 1942 (245.5 days after September 11, 1941), should see the Moon again in Taurus, and it does, but it is also the date of a new moon in Taurus, which occurrs at 12:45 am Washington time.  A chart for this lunation shows that the local Washington D.C. angles (ascendant and midheaven) are in an exact quintile aspect, from 3°35' Sagittarius to 15°33' Aquarius!  Recall the original Table from the Apollo page:

3°37' Sagittarius 15°37' Aquarius
0°54' Libra 12°54' Sagittarius

Jupiter is conjunct to Orion, and Mars is conjunct Sirius as well, in a return to its position of August 12, 1791, when L'Enfant measured the sunset for the City of Washington:

 Figures 4-9, 4-10

At Washington, the moment of this lunation coincides with the fixed star Markab -- the fulcrum of the square of Pegasus, and a chief Masonic star -- rising in mundo:

 Figure 4-11

Using this lunation, which occurrs 45 minutes after midnight, as a central event, we can adjust both the September 11 and January 15 "noon" charts to 12:45 PM Standard Time.  On September 11, we find that Antares is rising in mundo, a fact that yet again shows a continuing adherance to the deliberate astrometric planning of Washington D.C. as outlined in Part 2 and Part 3:

 Figure 4-12

Notice in this astrology wheel how the cardinal points of Libra and Aries are nearly culminating and anti-culminating:

 Figure 4-13

At 12:45 PM on January 15, Luna's ecliptical longitude was co-rising with the Pleiades:

 Figure 4-14

This intresting set of data, I believe, reveals much about the nature of our military and our nation's global warring activities.  Much comparison to World War II has been made, and indeed that case can be made astrologically in broad mundane terms.  Jupiter and Saturn, the two largest planets, have a cycle of about 20 years from conjunction to conjunction. Called the "great chronocrators," they symbolize the progression of epochs in human history; if their meeting falls upon any nation's natus or other mundane significator, that nation becomes pivotal in the new order of a new generation.

These conjunctions occur approximately 120° apart in the zodiac, with conjunctions in Taurus coming in both 1940 and 2000, the years preceeding the two attacks on our nation.  The 2000 conjunciton became exact directly overhead at Washington D.C. , focusing its energies on that locale:

 Figure 4-15

As can be seen, this Jupiter/Saturn conjunction falls directly on the Pentagon midpoint lunation:

 Figure 4-16

Converting that lunation to a geodetic framework, we see Mars on the IC, or the fourth house cusp, which denotes the homeland in a mundane chart:

 Figure 4-17

On the date of the attack in 2001, we find Jupiter to be exactly on this Mars by transit:

 Figure 4-18

And, the above chart drawn Geodetically, showing Jupiter and Mars on the IC:

 Figure 4-19

This may explain why the Pentagon was the recipient of the terrorism on 9-11 instead of the White House or the Capitol, as not only was that day the 60th solar return of its original groundbreaking, but also the focus of larger cycles of mundane proportions.  There is much more to the astrology of 9-11 that is being neglected here for brevity's sake, and much more could be said about the USA's role in world conflict, for better or for worse.  Human beings create and develop their institutions for practical aims, but enmeshed within their material structures are ethereal symbols that serve to remind future caretakers of the original mission, as well as their own sense of how they fit into the world at large that they intend to manipulate.  The Pentagon serves these functions for the military of America, and stands as a monument symbolically speaking to the world of where this military is taking the human race -- a "divine right" to inflict its will and power throughout the world as servants to the pillars of freedom symbolized through the geodetic and astrometric constitution of the republic of the USA.

Part 5 will show how the Mars missions, the first leaps of one of the loftier long-term goals of our society, are built on the geo- and astrometric foundations laid out thus far.

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