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 The Astrology of Veterans' Day

The Armistice of 1918

Most of us are familiar with the Armistice of November 11, 1918, which secured the surrender of Germany in the Great War after 1,560 days of war.  Formal acceptance of this Armistice came at about 5 AM at Compiegne, France, with a formal cease-fire to begin at 11 AM that same day.  The exact time of the "signing" of the Armistice is unknown, but we can envision that it was timed to the rising of the fixed star Spica.  This assumption is with merit in the context of the ritual astrology practices of the UK and USA, who were the chief powers within the Alliance states.  Aside from the obvious numerological uniqueness of the date, relocation techniques, which are of prime importance in a scenario with distant geopolitical entities, tell the tale of why this date and time was chosen.  

The skymap for Spica rising at Compiegne looks like this:

 Figure 1  

Here we can also see that the central star in the Northern Cross, called Sadr, or also "Sador," is on the horizon, along with Wega.  As for the planets, we find Venus in conjunction with Zubenelgenubi, the fulcrum of the scales of Libra.  This star is most associated with conflict and social justice, and the placement of benefic Venus here would promote the more positive aspects of the star.  Saturn is near to Regulus.

If we relocate to the locale of Moscow, we find that Venus is now rising, with Mars at the ritual -33 position:

 Figure 2  

Relocated to Washington D.C., we find Jupiter at the ritual +33 position, and Venus on the nadir:

 Figure 3  

At the locale of Giza, we find Saturn/Regulus culminant:

 Figure 4  

As well as iota Aquarii, also called "33 Aquarius," exactly nadiring:

 Figure 5  

The USA Holiday - 1926

The origin of Veterans' Day in the USA began in rememberance of the Armistice of November 11, 1918.  By 1926, 27 states had made November 11 a legal holiday, and on June 4 of that year, the US Congress passed legislation urging the President to acknowledge and bolster the date:

"...the President of the United States is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the officials to display the flag of the United States on all Government buildings on November and inviting the people of the United States to observe the day in schools and churches, or other suitable places, with appropriate ceremonies of friendly relations with all other peoples."

The Astrological importance of this date is somewhat obscure, but still in fashion with the tradition of Masonic practices.  First, the noon chart for this date at Washington D.C. finds Mercury co-culminating with the Sun while the Moon is at the 0 Aries point:

 Figure 6  

This is against the backdrop of four notable fixed star contacts, including Jupiter conjunct iota Aquarii, Venus conjunct Sheratan, Mars conjunct Markab, and the Dark Moon conjunct Regulus.  Yet, the real importance of this chart lies with the cardinal points.  If we relocate to the Great Pyramid at Giza, we see the equinoctical points on the meridian:

 Figure 7  

This interesting fact may seem somewhat bizarre, but it does have relevance in the context of Masonic attention to cardinal points, which can be traced back to how the ancient Egyptians viewed "death" in their cosmology.  The concept is rather simple.  The sky is divided into halves, along the north-south meridian, with the east being "life" and the west being "death."  This is so because stars in the east are always rising, and therefore gaining altitude, as compared to the western half where altitude is diminishing.  Thus, the cardinal points of east and west were points of entry or departure, and the meridian (south/north) was transition between the two.  In the Masonic imitation of this, we can see that placing the equinoctical points of Aries/Libra (equinictical east and west) on the meridian (local space north and south) would symbolize the "eternal" quality of the cycles of life and death, here memorialized for those who gave their lives for the great patriotic cause of freedom here in the USA.  Remember that the Egyptians probably used the Great Pyramid, which was aligned perfectly north and south, as a "gateway" to the hereafter -- the eternal.

 Figure 8  

A similar cosmological context can be seen in the astrology of the groundbreaking ceremony of the controversial World War II Memorial in the National Mall in Washington D.C.  On Saturday, November 11, 2000, President Clinton, along with Bob Dole and other decorated veterans, broke ground for this memorial in the mall on Washington D.C.  The time of the actual groundbreaking was 2:43 PM, EST, after many speeches and a song by the military band.

At this moment, the cardinal points are on the angles:

ASC = 000' Aries
MC  = 000' Capricorn.

 Figure 9  

Venus (peace) is culminating.  Mars (war) is setting.  Sol is posited in the constellation of Libra, between the North and South scales.  Sol is 1943' of Scorpio, Luna (topocentric) is 1911' Taurus, in a defacto full moon.  When this full moon rises and the Sun sets, the northern cross, Cygnus, passes over the zenith:

 Figure 10  

Relocating to Giza, 19.5 Aries is culminating; Alnilam in Orion is 19.5 above the horizon; Locally, Luna is +13 declination. (Later, when Luna becomes completely full over Giza, Uranus is setting.)

The USA Holiday - 1938

The US Congress finally voted to make Armistice Day a legal holiday, and on May 13, 1938, this was signed into law.  Jupiter had returned to Aquarius, and thus iota Aquarii.  The date of approval, however, is reminiscent of the chart for the first Continental Congress, with the Sun, Regulus, and iota Aquarii on cardinal points -- the MC, ASC, and DSC, respectively:

&nbs;Figure 11  

Furthermore, later that day when Luna rises, we find Regulus culminating rather precisely:

 Figure 12  

Here is a wider view of the above map:

 Figure 13  

When we relocate to Giza, we find theta Ophiuchi culminating, but when we relocate back to the original Compiegne locale, we again find Sadr (gamma Cygni) on the horizon, as she was back in 1918:

 Figure 14  

Name changed to "Veterans' Day"

Quoting from the VA's website:

"Armistice Day " was primarily a day set aside to honor veterans of WorldWar I, but in 1954, after World War II had required the greatest mobilization of soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen in the Nation's history; after American forces had fought aggression in Korea, the 83rd Congress, at the urging of the veterans' service organizations, amended the Act of 1938 by striking out the word "Armistice" and inserting in lieu thereof the word 'Veterans. ' With the approval of this legislation (Public Law 380) on June 1, 1954, November 11th became a day to honor American veterans of all wars.
Later that same year, on October 8th, President Dwight D. Eisenhower issued the first 'Veterans Day Proclamation ' which stated:
"In order to insure proper and widespread observance of this anniversary, all veterans, all veterans' organizations, and the entire citizenry will wish to join hands in the common purpose. Toward this end, I am designating the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs as Chairman of a Veterans Day National Committee, which shall include such other persons as the Chairman may select, and which will coordinate at the national level necessary planning for the observance. I am also requesting the heads of all departments and agencies of the Executive branch of the Government to assist the National Committee in every way possible."

When Ike issued this proclomation, we again find voluminous ritual astrology, starting with the Moon rising, in mundo, conjunct iota Aquarii, in a mundo square to Antares:

 Figure 15  

Relocated to Giza, we see that the Great Pyramid star Alnitak is indeed rising exactly:

 Figure 16  

Restoration of 11/11

Lyndon Johnson, under pressure from certain groups that wished workers to have four three-day weekends guaranteed every year, signed legislation that moved Veterans' Day from November 11 to the fourth Monday in October.  This proved unpopular with veterans, and the law was soon changed.  Again quoting from the VA's website:

The Uniforms Holiday Bill (Public Law 90-363 (82 Stat. 250)) was signed on June 28, 1968, and was intended to insure three-day weekends for Federal employees by celebrating four national holidays on Mondays -- Washington's Birthday, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Columbus Day. It was thought that these extended weekends would encourage travel, recreational and cultural activities and stimulate greater industrial and commercial production. Many states did not agree with this decision and continued to celebrate the holidays on their original dates. The first Veterans Day under the new law was observed with much confusion on October 25, 1971.
It was quite apparent that the commemoration of this day was a matter of historic and patriotic significance to a great number of our citizens, and so on September 20th, 1975, President Gerald R. Ford signed Public Law 94-97 (89 Stat. 479) which would return the annual observance of Veterans Day to its original date of November 11, beginning in 1978. This action supported the express will of the overwhelming majority of the State legislatures, all major service organizations and the American people.

From the above quote, we can see that the September 20 legislaiton was of prime importance to correct not only the calendrical importance of November 11 (11/11), but to also realign the stars into a mundane square that works in relocation to all the original locales: Washington, Giza, and Compiegne.

First, from Washington, we see that the Sun co-culminates with the beta Virgo, also known as Zavijava, which was discussed at length in qintillogy of the foundations of Washington D.C., and is central to all that is that city.  This date is just preceeding the fall equinox, and just past a full moon, and we find the luminaries in a waning arc of about 175.  Thus, Luna is virtually on the 0 Aries point, depending upon where one's viewpoint on the planet's surface is located.  We also see that the Sun is in a mundo square to Sirius, which is setting exactly on the horizon.  The sky map for this high noon moment is as follows:

 Figure 17  

When we relocate to the sacred site of Giza, we find that the fixed star Spica is setting while Jupiter is rising simultaneously:

 Figure 18  

A different veiw of this, with the altitude/azimuth grid eliminated and the ecliptic grid inserted shows that Luna is being bisected by the cardinal point of 0 Aries:

 Figure 19  

This is best shown in an astrology wheel with a topocentric moon position:

 Figure 20  

Finally, when we relocate to the Compiegne, we find the highest symbolic order of ritual astrology in Americana -- namely iota Aquarii rising and Regulus setting -- in the sky:

 Figure 21  

Recalling from the Sibly delineation that this pair, more than any other, in this formation, represents the very essence of the anti-monarchial and pro-republic quest that is the USA.  It is this freedom from tyranny, oppression and human bondage that our soldiers fought and died for in the Great Wars and other wars of the 20th Century.  There is no finer tribute in the astrological realm than this to be bestowed upon those that served the cause of freedom.

Convinced that we are all "Born on the Fourth of July?"
Give Jupiterianly to the PVA -- Paralyzed Veterans of America.

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