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A Brief Look at the Interaction
of the SEC with the Bush Regime

by Edward Kohout and the Staff

A common technique in mundane analysis is to study the cycles of the outer planets in combination. To investigate patterns of governmental deceptions, the best combination is Saturn and Neptune.

It seems that the current Administration is under thedelusion that they are not part of the problems surrounding regulation of the securities industry. In what has come to be known as the "Shameful 17," the likes of Enron, WorldCom,Global Crossing, Xerox, Merck, and others have all been exposed for listing billions of dollars on the wrong side of the balance sheet, and in turn unleashing a backlash in investor confidence. Who's minding the equities store?

To the astrologer, these happenings during Saturn's opposition to Pluto are rather unsurprising. To be sure, these problems did begin to gel during the Clinton/Gingrich years of stock market excesses, and had their roots in the restructuring of broker commissions in the mid 70's. However, a rather half-hearted PR campiagn designed to distance the White House from certain campaign contributors appeared rather silly and transparent, presumably because much time and effort had to be expended onblocking inquiries into Mr Cheney's energy policy meetings, not to mention investigations of foreknowledge and bumblings by the White House concerning the 9/11 intelligence disaster. Oh, howfar away and difficult Washington is from that non-working ranch at Crawford!

Ahh, well, enough of my ranting! An unbiased astrological analysis of the SEC should be in order for our first installment of's weekly stab at practical mundane analysis. One of our goals is to provide an insightful viewpoint of why things happen as they do in our increasingly complex world. In this case, we thought it would be infinitely useful to juxtapose three charts against one another:

1) The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
2) The Bush Administration
3) Dubya's natus

Anyone who has watched the endless hand-wringing televisionan analysis of "how this problem of corporate malfeasance could have gone on for so long and to this extent" would have seen the blame end up on the lap of the SEC, as they are the prime governmental watchdogs of Wall Street. This scrutiny is not without merit; New York's Attorney General Spitzer has been far more aggressive in his prosecuting of corporate wrongdoing than has the SEC, of which his 100 million dollar Merrill Lynch settlement is the prime example.

How could the SEC have missed this disturbing trend in corporate culture? Were they truly asleep at the wheel, or were they just purposely looking the other way while Martha Stewart was showing them how to make decorative napkin rings out of hundred dollar bills?

The SEC was created by an act of Congress in 1934 that was signed into law by FDR on June 6. Joseph Kennedy was the first Chairman of this body, which opened up shop on July 1 of that same year. Interestingly, Saturn on this date is exactly conjunct, via ecliptic longitude, the fixed star iota Aquarii -- a star which plays heavily in theDeclaration of Independence astrology. On the day before July 1st, geocentric Luna, Saturn and iota Aquarii aligned conjunct to the minute of arc! (See the Riddle of the Sibly Chart essay featured on for more info on iota Aquarii.) A high-noon chart for this date at Washington DC is as follows:

SEC Sun on MC chart
Figure 1

The Mercury/Pluto conjunction contains the most important energy in this chart, as this combo has everything to do with "...secrets concerning the business community... self-destructive impulses in business."1 The legacy of Joe Kennedy's short term as the first SEC Chairman may offer some insight as to the nature of the SEC radix. The following are excerpts are from The Sins of the Father by Ronald Kessler:

$$$   In June 1934, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was created, and Roosevelt appointed Joe Kennedy chairman. The appointment drew strong criticism from those who felt that Joe Kennedy symbolized everything the SEC had been set up to eradicate. Roosevelt, however, stood firm, telling one advisor that it "took a thief to catch a thief." Roosevelt also knew that Joe's financial backing had been critical to his election, and he hoped that giving Kennedy the SEC chairmanship would secure his financial support for the next election as well.
$$$   The SEC, under Joe's direction, went on to outlaw most of the practices that had made Kennedy rich, including a ban on short selling, one of Joe's favorite ways of making money.
$$$   For nearly two years, a parade of Wall Street titans would march to the witness stand and describe their roles in the seamy dealings. But while records of Joe's unethical transactions were presented during the hearings, Joe was never called to appear. Joe would later pretend that he was innocent of any wrongdoing.
$$$   In his book I'm for Roosevelt, Joe wrote, "For month after month the country was treated to a series of amazing revelations which involved practically all the important names in the financial community in practices which, to say the least, were highly unethical."
$$$   Kennedy's condemnation of his former business associates came as little surprise to anyone. Joe was known both for discarding friends when they had served their purpose and for knifing in the back those who had helped him. As one Wall Street colleague said, "I don't know why Joe Kennedy turned on me -- I never did anything to help him."
$$$   If one of Joe's failings was his lack of loyalty to those who had helped him, he now turned that trait to his advantage. He did not care if his former cohorts hated him because of his enforcement efforts. Joe had ambitions for himself and his sons that transcended the SEC. This would be a way for him to make a name for himself and for his family.
$$$   Joe would later describe his work at the SEC as “forcing their mouths open and going in with a pair of pincers and just taking all the gold out of their teeth.”
$$$   Joe Kennedy resigned from the SEC in September 1935.

This history teaches a classic example of the wonderful interrogative power of a good Merc/Pluto. This power in the SEC's chart has to be used wisely, as it rests along the axis of Saturn's nodes, and squares the midpoint of Mars/Saturn [MA/SA], the combination most associated with missteps of over-aggression and fights that last too long due to frustrations injected by both sides of the conflict. Saturn lends a discipline to Mars that allows for more focused and responsible prosecutions -- obviously a very good thing for a regulatory agency such as the SEC, where patience and persistence are paramount to uncovering wrongdoing. No group boasts more lawyers than the banking and financial institutions of the USA. For the SEC, 'getting to the truth of the matter' requires enormous efforts.

Venus, an "economy" and "social" planet, sits on both the Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn/Neptune midpoints:

[VE = JU/PL = SA/NE]

VE......... 0353' Gemini
JU/PL...... 0354' Virgo
SA/NE...... 0354' Sagittarius

This tight formation is quite complex, and somewhat unfortunate for an institution such as the SEC, where amore fitting planet here might be Mars, a planet that desires truth -- Venus tends to gloss-over the ugly parts of things. Mars does play an important part in the SEC's chart, positioned on the Jupiter/Saturn [JU/SA] midpoint -- the largest indicator of social trends and true reform. Still, Venus does give the SEC a lot of fudge-room for dealing with corporate wrongdoing, and allows for "sweetheart" deals to be made between regulators and regulatees that can result in morepassive enforcement of the law.

Saturn's energy does tend to keep some control on this. The SEC's Venus/Saturn [VE/SA] combination, square to the midpoint of the Merc/Pluto [ME/PL] conjunction and the Sun [VE/SA = SO//ME/PL], does ensure that the more serious violators will see justice -- justice in the light of day. Venus/Saturn [VE/SA] always places control on excessive wealth, and therefore becomes a tool in social engineering by monitoring the flow of capital, and is thus a balance of capitalism and socialism. Thus, in a sense, the SEC's regulatory oversight and legal powers can and do direct the activities of those who fear legal action. That is, this works only if the SEC is actively enforcing its rules and regulations! If the "tone" of more lax regulation becomes the operational norm of the SEC, business will be more apt to push ethical and legal boundaries, ultimately resulting in the shameful mess we are left with today.

SEC 90 dial showing strong VE/SA
Figure 2

Another thing that this author likes to look at in mundane charts are geocentric planetary nodes, which are indicators of somewhat subliminal or sub-conscious modifiers to the planetary energies, and moreso if they are found on cardinal points. The noon chart for the SEC (noon being symbolic of Washington's outward political agenda for that day) finds the culminating Sun and the MC on Jupiter's north node in Cancer, while Mars' south node is rising in Libra. Firstly, Mars' south node rising becomes rather important in that it calls upon the leadership of the SEC to be out in the forefront of matters, using his or her personality and powers of justice (9th house) to move serious agendas forward. The planetary nodal placements are secondary modes of expression for the planet, in this case in Gemini and the 9th house, and on the Jupiter/Saturn [JU/SA] midpoint, which represents the greater social order and the "serious side of justice."3

[SEC Mars is at 2020' Gemini...the most recent solar eclipse at 1954' Gemini, conjunct Saturn, is surely exposing the neglect of Martian efforts that has reached crisis levels.]

The south node may be considered the opportunity for personal projection, while the planet itself directs the way in which the projection manifests. Thus, it behooves the leadership of the SEC to be anything but passive in regards to enforcement, even if this is a "quiet" effort. Anyone at the lower levels of the investment community can surely agree that the SEC does that extremely well. The SEC alternatively has, of late, shown reluctance and hesitancy prosecuting the big fish, such as Joseph Kennedy did for his brief stint.

SEC with planetary nodes
Figure 3

The SEC is under control of the Justice Department, and ultimately the Executive Branch of the USA government. The Executive Branch's leader is the President, and it rests with this man to guide the SEC and set the agenda for his Administration's tenure. Here is where Mr. Bush faces a huge dilemma. Bush's natus, commonly believed to be July 6, 1946, 7:26 AM EDT, East Haven Connecticut [41N18 and 72W52], boasts the highly corrupt combination of Sun/Jupiter conjunct Saturn/Neptune [SO/JU = SA/NE], which severely disrupts the all-important "teeth" of the SEC, which we cited above as [VE/SA = SO//ME/PL], at about 1 mutable (Gemini/Sagittarius). From this alone, it would appear that Mr. Bush would is unwisely hoping things will just quietly fade from consciousness, and that backroom deals would take precedence over public prosecutions as our attention slowly gets diverted elsewhere.

Sun/Jupiter [SO/JU] represents the way in which we sell ourselves as optimists and actors of good faith. Saturn/Neptune [SA/NE] projects an opposite force, and can subvert the goodwill of Sun/Jupiter. These combinations are naturally discordant, and spark a very basic battle of integrity and sincerity versus neglect and irresponsibility via deception and misrepresentation.

SEC with Dubya natus
Figure 4

Furthermore, the Bush Inauguration, which characterizes the shift of power from one political group to another, finds Jupiter alone at 1 Gemini, which would suggest that there are many people in our government that would love to prosecute the folks responsible for the largest corporate scandals in the history of our nation. This dichotomy within the ranks visibly surfaced when we saw the Justice Department prosecute Arthur Andersen last month, with the White House having little if any commentary on the situation. Perhaps they are rather unhappy to admit that Andersen was the accounting firm that serviced Halliburton -- the company that boasted Dick Cheney as CEO until he selected himself as Bush's running mate in 2000 -- a corporation now under federal investigation for cooking the books in similar fashion to Enron. Cheney himself is facing a lawsuit for violating the public trust. Perhaps the White House simply fears being critical of the folks who funded the majority of the Republican campaigns in the last election cycle. Perhaps the corruption is more systemic than we have been led to believe.

SEC with Bush 2001 Inauguration
Figure 5

The conjunctions in Capricorn that began the SA/NE cycle are as follows:

March 3 1989.......1155' Direct
June 23 1989.......1114' Retrograde
November 13 1989...1022' Direct

All partiles are opposite of the Sun in the charts of Bush, the SEC, and the USA July 4th chart, not to mention the Moon in the George Washington Inauguration chart. Perhaps more disturbing is that this is in square to the self-delusional combination of Moon/Jupiter//Neptune [MO/JU//NE] of Bush's natus, which is at 1138' Libra. I would not count on Bush implementing a reasonable and realistic solution to any of these serious problems, as he simply may not believe them to be serious problems. It also suggests that the crisis is years from reaching critical mass, and that Bush & Co. are simply exacerbating the pain under the current 1st trine of the entire Saturn/Neptune cycle of about 36 years.

Next week, we will look at how the New York Stock Exchange's astrological chart is affected and afflicted by the SEC chart, against the backdrop of some other celestial superstitions that were popular in the 18th Century (and still are to this day in certain circles), and whether "bull" and "bear" markets came about from star lore.

1 Munkasey, Michael; "Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets," ACS Publications,1992, p. 176.
2 Kessler, Ronald; "The Sins of the Father," Warner Books, Inc., 1997, various pages.
3 Munkasey, p. 260.

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