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Sarbanes-Oxley and the Crusade Against Corporate Corruption

By Edward Kohout and the Staff

On Tuesday, July 30, President Bush signed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, at 10:28 AM EDT at the White House.  This is the first serious legislative response to the crisis of investor confidence spurned on by the wave of corporate scandals that began with the collapse of Enron in 2001.  The White House touted this act as a significant step in establishing serious penalties for corporate fraud, and the penalties for such are rather steep.

This bill creates an oversight board for the accounting industry called the "Public Company Accounting Oversight Board," which will be a non-profit government corporation.  It also prohibits corporate auditors from engaging in other kinds of accounting services for that company, establishes ethical guidelines for "corporate responsibility," demands more disclousure of "off-balance sheet" items in reports, defines certain instances of conflict-of-interest, and calls upon the GAO to study the recent consolidation of public accounting firms, and most importantly, establishes severe criminal penalties for defrauding the public.

The signing ceremony (with a conspicuously absent Dick Cheney!) highlighted elements of traditional Masonic Astrology that are worth mentioning.  And, as we shall see, this legislation's enaction utilizes astrological concepts that were highlighted by earlier this month.  It is our position that this legislation is a mix of A) real reform and B) more loopholes for the wealthy and politically connected, but on the whole a giant step in the right direction.

Orion and Saturn

The traidition of timing important Presidential doings with the culmination of Orion is an old one.  :Orion was the celestial embodiment of the Egyptian god Osiris, "the hunter," and the Egyptians crafted the Giza complex of pyramids to mirror the geometry of the hunter's belt stars -- Mintaka, Alnilam, and Alnitak.  Mars is conjunct these stars in the chart for the Declaration of Independence, and the Sun conjoins these stars every year on "Flag Day," June 14th. Orion and the star Sirius, along with the Masonic fixed square, are the most used in the pomp and circumstance of Masonic astrolgical elective timing. Saturn's inclusion reveals the desire for a strong regulatory theme of this legislation.

The times posted on the White House website confirm that the ceremonial signing of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act began under the co-culmination of Saturn and Orion:

Saturn co-culminating with Orion (Alnilam) as Bush begins signing ceremony
Figure 1 Southern view of Saturn co-culminating with Orion as Bush began his brief remarks before signing the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on July 30, 2002.

This tradition can be traced back to the very foundation of the District of Colmubia, originally called the "Federal City," when the first marker stone was placed by an associate of George Washington, in the company of fellow Freemasons, on April 15, 1791, at about 3:45 PM LMT:

Orion culmniated and Jupiter rose as the first boundary stone of Washington D.C. was placed by Freemasons
Figure 2 Sky map for the boundary stone-laying of Washington D.C. in 1791 by brother Masons and friends of George Washington.

The famed "State of the Union" adresses, held in the last days of January, are timed so that the President begins speaking when Orion is culminating, probably in hopes of empowering the President's aura in the strength of the celestial hunter.

Saturn/Neptune [SA/NE] and Deceptive Practices

Briefly discussed in our analysis of the SEC and current investment scandals, we noted that Saturn had recently moved into a trine aspect with Neptune (on April 1, no less!!), allowing for the exposure of all things that were kept under illusive wraps since the beginning of the cycle in 1989.  This combination is connected to deceptive practices in the higher echelons of society, and go to the heart of irresponsible behavior from leadership.  Munkasey's definitions in the political arena ring true:

"(thesis) Delusions among the real leadership; long lived programs which have no real purpose; policies which restrict spies; misusing law officers; inefficient use of capable expert advice; mistaken religious leaders; (anti-thesis) Leaders deceive about the exercise of control; deficient business practices exposed; respected persons involved in questionable practices; reliable equipment failures; a leader capitulates."1

Accordingly, this new legislation was signed with this combination quite prominent:

Moon on the midpoint of [SA/NE] for signing ceremony
Figure 3 The mathematically precise relationship of Luna to [SA/NE].

The tree of [MO = SA/UR = ME/PL] is the most powerful in the chart. The 135 sesquisquare aspect of Saturn and Neptune (the active response to the sloppiness revealed by the 120 trine aspect of earlier this year) is the closest to a partile in the entire chart with a difference of only 4' of arc! The exact midpoint of this pair is 1711' Aries, only 3' of arc from Luna's center!! Combined with the analytical power of Mercury/Pluto [ME/PL], it is obvious that this legislation is designed to qualm the anxiety of the average investor, but, does it have any real teeth?

There are some fatal flaws in this chart that suggest a rather half-harted attempt at regulation free from corruption. The loudest of these rests with the all-important Venus/Saturn [VE/SA] midpoint of responsible finance. We saw in the SEC chart how this combination was prominent; the Sarbanes-Oxley Act modifies the SEC Act to some extent, and here we see Neptunian deceptions sneaking back in to thwart our [VE/SA]:

Sun/Neptune [SO/NE] alters the strength of [VE/SA]
Figure 4 The somewhat troubled authority of [VE/SA] in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Sun/Neptune [SO/NE] is where leadership most flamboyantly misleads the public and distorts our perceptions of intent. Not only does this midpoint distort responsibility, it also distorts the combination that rules financial reporting -- Mercury/Jupiter [ME/JU]!! Amazingly, and largely disquietingly, this entire tree defeats the very purpose of 90% of the entire Act! It is as if a smokescreen of reform has been (once again) boldly discharged on snookered taxpayers.

To be sure, we can compare this chart to the Saturn/Neptune conjunctions [SA -0- NE] of 1989:

March 3 1989.......1155' Direct
June 23 1989.......1114' Retrograde
November 13 1989...1022' Direct

Uranus is semi-squaring these partiles currently. Using the Rx partile as a point of most intensity, we can see that Sarbanes-Oxley empowers bankers in an almost over-optimistic fashion in this tree:

{Sarbanes-Oxley [SO/PL = VE/JU]} = {1989 [SA -0- NE]}

Sarbanes-Oxley in relation to beginning of SA/NE cycle
Figure 5 A combination favoring banking in relation to the beginning of the Saturn/Neptune cycle.

In comparison to the SEC radix, we find Uranus currently transiting conjunct the SEC Saturn, suggesting a radical overhaul of the system of authority. Uranus comes with some baggage in the form of volatile Mars/Pluto [MA/PL], AGAIN with deceptive Neptune -- this time coupled with the nodes, presenting an utterly confused bureaucracy as the Achilles heel for the future.

Volatile combos of [MA/PL] and [NE/NN] disturbs the SEC SaturnFigure 6 Disruptive elements on the SEC's Saturn.

As stated in previous entries in the CAVE, the power of an institution such as the SEC rests mostly in Venus/Saturn [VE/SA]. Here, another troubling pattern arises, as this vital SEC midpoint is besieged by another one of Sarbanes-Oxley's Neptunian deceptions:

{SEC [VE/SA = MA/NN = ME/PL//AS]} = {Sarbanes-Oxley [SO/SA = VE/NE]}

[SO/SA = VE/NE] diminishing the integrity of the SEC's [VE/SA]
The SEC's [VE/SA] tree
Figures 7 and 8 More trouble for the SEC's [VE/SA].

The combo of [SO/SA = VE/NE] in a chart for legislation that hopes to deter financial scandal is laughable on some levels, although it may be argued that Sun/Saturn will always dominate this combination thus policing the tendency for fraud. Time will tell, but our guess is that this legislation will be in need of serious overhaul within the near-long-term of two years, as it will prove ineffectual in any real prosecution while usurping some of the authority of the SEC Chairman.

1 Munkasey, Michael, "Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets," ACS Publications, San Diego, 1991, p. 292.

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