The Masonic Astrology of Homeland Security
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The Masonic Astrology of
Homeland Security

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Back in October of 2002, made public some predicitons for two possible dates of the seemingly imminent commencement of an attack on Iraq: January 22 and February 6 of 2003. The first date has now been proven incorrect as a candidate for the "go" order by the President. At the time I made this prediction, the UN had not intervened with Resolution 114 that mandated arms inspections to verify the claims of the USA. This may or may not have pushed the favorable window of opportunity, both strategically and astrologically, beyond what was envisioned during the first half of 2002 and earlier.

However, January 22 has become significant in a related political arena with the Sentate's expected vote to confirm Tom Ridge as head of the new Department of Homeland Security that was created by HR 5005 (pdf file of the Act). In the context of ritual USA astrological timing, this makes sense: it is not only a day when Venus co-rises with Antares, the alpha of Scorpius, which literally translated as "the rival of Mars," but also silmultaneously a day when Mars is closely conjunct to the particular star that is the Scorpionic component to the Masonic Square of Pleiades, Regulus, Graffias, and 33 Aquarii:

Venus co-rises with Antares; Mars conjunct Graffias
 Figure 1  Venus co-rises with Antares on the morning of January 22, 2003, over Washington D.C., after Mars rises conjunct the fixed star Graffias -- the Scorpionic marker of the Masonic Square.

Venus co-rises with Antares; Mars conjunct Graffias
 Figure 2  A closeup of this alignment.

Venus in a topocentric alignment with Antares is, after all, a neutralizing effect; the aim of all good security is to neutralize the threat of those who wish to "undo" that which needs to be secured. So, given the opportunity that such a unique alignment of forces presents, it is not surprising that some important move forward was taken, which in this case is the vestment of the first ever Secretary of Homeland Security.

This was not the only important development from January 22, as a strange report came out of Russia on the Reuters wire claiming that the USA had already settled on a mid-February date for an invasion to begin:

"According to the information we have, the operation is planned for the second half of February. The decision to launch it has been taken but not yet been made public," the source told the agency, which has generally authoritative contacts in the Russian military and political establishment. The source added that the main aim of the war would be to secure control of Iraqi oilfields.

This report falls on the heels of another similar prognostication. B-1 Bob Dornan, on the TV show Hardball With Chris Matthews which airs on MSNBC, exclaimed on Friday the 17th of January this bizarre prediction:

    "Carl [Carl Jeffers], write this date down, February 17 the haj (ph) ends at 3:00 in the morning on the night of the 17th, 18th, the lights go out in Baghdad. Now that means there will be no Christiana Amanpour. There will be no John Holliman or Bernie Shaw. The electrical system is gone. Theyíll be in darkness for days.

    "Now, if Iím wrong on that date, at least the death march starts then. It will be sometime after that date when there will be a fire power show like the world has never seen. Let me give you a clue how to figure this out, itís a simple one. Take 12 years, put it on Pearl Harbor, December 7, come forward 12 years, and itís 1953, and itís a whole different world. We got a hydrogen bomb, a nuclear bomb."

What is it about mid-February's astrology that makes invasion such a great idea? Along the lines of Masonic astrology, we can see that B-1 Bob's date coincides with ritual-Masonic planetary alignments to fixed stars. As B-1 Bob foretells, we find Mars (war) rising over Washington D.C. at 3:00 AM on the morning of February 18, while Saturn sets:

 Figure 3  Mars rises conjunct theta Ophiuchi over Washington D.C. the morning of February 18, 2003.

Furthermore, a more exact "topocentric" alignment of Saturn and theta Ophiuchi occurs for the locality of Baghdad, meaning that the rising theta Ophiuchi and setting Saturn are "resting" on the horizon simultaneously, in the east and west, respectively, as seen in this graphic:

 Figure 4  The February 18, 2003 theta Ophiuchi/Saturn mundo-opposition over Baghdad; the left section shows theta Ophiuchi rising, and the right shows Saturn setting simultaneously.

This Mars is conjunct to theta Ophiuchi, the right foot of Ophiuchus, and a star outlined as prolific in last month's expose on the KKK, Trent Lott, and the Confederate States of America. If we cast a chart for Baghdad for theta Ophiuchi rising -- 2:45 AM Baghdad time (+180 min) -- we can also see Luna rising at Washington D.C. silmultaneously in a classic example of relocational astrology:

 Figure 5  The relocated view of Figure 4 for Washington D.C. showing Luna rising "in mundo" within the timespan of two minutes, at 2:45 PM, or less than one degree of "orb."

Backing up a bit, we can also see that February 18 is the day that the Sun conjoins with and co-culminates with both Uranus the fixed star 33 Aquarius, all of which is in an exact mundo-square to a rising Saturn:

 Figure 6  Sun, Uranus, and 33 Aquarii co-culminate while Saturn rises in a tight mundane square over Washington D.C. on Feb 18, 2003.

And to a setting Mars as well:

 Figure 7  The SSW view of Figure 7, showing Mars/theta Ophiuchi setting at high noon.

More on Homeland Security

The legal code behind the new DHS is the sweeping legislation known as HR 5005 (for numerology buffs, a number that is divisible by 11). This legislaiton was signed by President Bush on November 25, 2002, at 1:46 PM EST, according to the White House website, and personal observation on C-SPAN. This is the day that the Sun aligns conjunct with Masonic Square Graffias in the Scorpion's head:

 Figure 8  Bush signed the Homeland Security Act at 1:46 PM on the day when the Sun was conjunct to Graffias.

This seemingly odd time for his signature becomes less mysterious when we apply the ritual Masonic Astrological technique of relocation to a sacred locale; this time it's London, where we find the square of Pegasus culminating, and Markab (alpha Pegasi) and Scheat (beta Pegasi) aligned with the local meridian:

 Figure 9  Figure 9 relocated to London, looking directly south to see the square of Pegasus culminating.

A further relocation to Giza finds Alnilam of the Orion's Belt at the ritual elevation of +19.5į.

HR 5005 also stipulates that the DHS will officially commence 60 after the Presiden't signature. This date is January 24, 2003, and as we will see, this is a remarkably special day for astronomical alignments that would be considered sacred to the ritual Masonic tradition. Both alignments feature the luminaries, which suggests that this "moment" in the larger cycle of time is of a high order.

As "guardian" to the Christian realms, Virgo, and more specifically Spica, is often seen in important charts of Masonic origin. This is no exception, and we see that Luna co-culminates with Spica within one minute of each other. (In terms of an astrological "orb," this would translate into one-quarter of a degree.) This is graphically represented as follows:

 Figure 10  Luna co-culminates with Spica over Washington D.C. on the morning of the commencement of the Department of Homeland Security.

The Moon/Spica alignment, with all it signifies, is subordinate to another more potent alignment that features the Sun, Jupiter, and Regulus are in a special relocational formation that connects the Masonic triumverate of Washington D.C., London, and Giza: the Sun culminates over Washington D.C. when Jupiter rises at London when Regulus rises at Giza:

 Figure 11  The three locales of Washington D.C., London, and Giza are connected by a rare instance of the Sun, Jupiter, and Regulus aligning on their respective cardinal points. The only date that this can occur is January 24, 2003.

It would be hard to understate the importance and power of such alignments. The aim of utilizing such an alignment for purposes of empowering a domestic security agency can only be described as sheer astro-cartographical genius. My guess that the DHS represents a major step in the USA's aim to project government on a global scale by using the issue of "security" as leverage against the more unpopular and bilateral buildup of the military in the Pentagon. It is no accident that the unique game with Iraq is taking place concurrently with the creation of the DHS.

We have seen above in this brief discussion of just a handful of events connected to "Homeland Security" the specific use of three corners of the Masonic Square - Regulus, Graffias, and 33 Aquarius. Given that the very chart for the Presidency of the United States has the Masonic Square's fourth corner -- the Pleiades -- on the midheaven, is perhaps why we are seeing these other elements playing a subordinate role in providing the USA Presidency with the ultimate foundations of power:

Planets: Sol, Luna, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus
Fixed Stars: Regulus, Graffias, 33 Aquarius, theta Ophiuchi, Markab, Spica

Photo credits:
Tom Ridge: Doug Mills/The New York Times.
President Bush, Joe Liberman, Tom Delay, Fred Thompson, Dick Armey:
1778 Map of the USA: Library of Congress collection online.
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