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Opening Gantenbrink's Door

On Monday, Sept. 16 at 8 PM EST, the National Geographic Society will televise a "live" broadcast from the Great Pyramid at Giza wherein Gantenbrink's Door will be opened.

This "door," located in an air shaft leading out of the Queen's Chamber, was discovered back in 1993 by two gentlemen who, with hopes of being the first to explore the Great Pyramid's four air shafts, built a small robot called UPUAUT.

There are two shafts leading from both the King's Chamber and the Queen's Chamber, all of which "point" to certain fixed stars, according to Robert Bauval, author of the The Orion Mystery.  The outlet of both shafts leading from the King's chamber have been found; only one of the Queen's Chamber's two shafts has revealed its outlet, with the final one being "blocked" by Gantenbrink's Door.  It is believed that this shaft will point to Sirius.  It is not the intention of to speculate about what might be the purpose of this door, but it is our intention to point out the interesting astrological reality surrounding this event.  The FOX special will air at 8 PM EDT on Monday.  We find that the star Wega culminates over Washington D.C. just after 8 PM on this date:

 Figure 1

This star, as you may recall, was the pole star approximately one-half of the precessional cycle before present, and is now at the same declination [3847'] as Washington's latitude.  Relocating this chart to Giza, we find that Mars is at the Masonically symbolic altitude of -33:

 Figure 2

Just after 9 AM, Cairo time [-2:00 GMT] on the 16th, we also find an exact mundane square of Venus and Jupiter, a most beneficial alignment, with Jupiter culminiating (conjunct its sidereal exaltation of Asellus Australis) and Venus rising.  This square is closest on this date, as can be seen in the following graphics:

 Figure 3  This astrology wheel shows Jupiter culminating with Asellus Australis while Venus rises.

 Figure 4  The most prominent astrological energy of this date is [SO = VE/JU = SA/PL]. This 360 dial shows that the Sun is at the midpoint of this Jupiter/Venus square, and thus the ASC/MC midpoint as well, in the larger framework of a Saturn/Pluto midpoint that would signify secrets (Pluto) held within an ancient structure (Saturn).

 Figure 5  A Skymap of the above mundo square of Jupiter and Venus.

 Figure 6  The above chart, relocated to Washington D.C., reveals Jupiter and Sirius co-rising, and Saturn at the symbolic elevation of +33.

 Figure 7  On what date did Jupiter and Sirius co-rise most exactly (within two minutes of arc!!) over Washington D.C.? SEPTEMBER 11, 2002!

What other important Masonic milestone occurred on a day that featured a similarly precise co-rising of Jupiter and Sirius? The founding of the Ancient and Accpeted Scottish Rite in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1801:

 Figure 8  The co-rising of Jupiter and Sirius on May 31, 1801, the day that The Supreme Council of the 33d Degree for the United States of America was opened for the first time.

Not that this proves anything, but it is interesting that the AASR chose to celebrate their bicentiennial anniversary of this event on the week of September 30, 2001, and NOT on May 31.  This may have to do with the fact that on October 1, 2001, Jupiter conjoined Sirius eclipcically as they passed under Charleston, and for that matter, Washington D.C.:

 Figure 9  Jupiter and Sirius are conjunct on October 1, 2001, during the AASR's bicentennial celebrations held in the shadow of the atrocities of September 11.

It is somewhat coincidental, perhaps, that the Home of The Supreme Council, 33, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, Washington D.C., USA, was begun in the year 1911 (note the "911"), which was 110 years after 1801 -- another "11," and the number of floors of the towers of the WTC.

As for Gantenbrink's Door, and the discovery of the outlet of this shaft in the Queen's Chamber, there is no guarantee that the mystery will be solved on Tuesday, or anytime soon thereafter.  We can be sure that many will be watching in anticipation that this monument to history and Masonry might reveal one more clue to its transcendent mystery.

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