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Masonic Astrology in the Confederate States of America

Editor's note...

In November of 2002, I began writing a short selection about the Confederate States of America (duration from 1861 through 1865) and its President, Jefferson Davis, with the hopes of comparing the astrology of the new government to the Union's astrology. In America, the issues surrounding race relations are still a touchy subject, and one must tread carefully around such subjects. is not intended to be a partisan mouthpiece for any particular party or political point of view or special interest group other than astrologers, and even in the case of the CSA, it should be treated in the bland and unexciteable manner that promotes decent scholarship. Astrology of the mundane kind must strive to view the world from an unbiased and skeptical vantagepoint, and from that balanced angle, I thought it would be easy to do a short piece on the CSA while leaving the moral judgments up to the reader.

Then, last week, the media frenzy over Republican Senator Trent Lott erupted, exposing (among other things) the most interesting revelation of how hard Mr. Lott has been trying to get Confederate President Jefferson Davis' USA citizenship restored. In fact, he revealed himself as quite the avid supporter of Mr. Davis:

In a magazine called the Southern Partisan (yep, the same racist, pro-slavery rag John Ashcroft gave an interview to), he was asked about a statement he made during the 80s at the Convention of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Biloxi, Mississippi, in which he said that "the spirit of Jefferson Davis lives in the 1984 Republican Platform." To the question, Trent Lott responded:

"I think that a lot of the fundamental principles that Jefferson Davis believed in are very important to people across the country, and they apply to the Republican Party. After the War between the States, a lot of Southerners identified with the Democrat Party because of the radical Republicans we had at that time, particularly in the Senate. The South was wedded to that party for years and years and years. But we have seen the Republican Party become more conservative and more oriented toward the traditional family values, the religious values that we hold dear in the South. And the Democratic party is going in the other direction. As a result, more and more of The South's sons, Jefferson Davis' descendants, direct or indirect, are becoming involved with the Republican party. The platform we had in Dallas, the 1984 Republican platform, all the ideas we supported there - from tax policy, to foreign policy; from individual rights, to neighborhood security - are things that Jefferson Davis and his people believed in."
Personally, I could think of nothing more insulting to the legions of men and women who risked their property and lost their lives fighting the pro-slavery South, both as Abolitionists and Union soldiers, than to have this scumbag of history be honored with such a priviledge. Mr. Davis, lest we forget, was the President of a secessionist government that took up arms against the United States TO PRESERVE SLAVERY! To restore his USA citizenship would be to marginalize the privilidge of having USA citizenship; to whitewash the scourge of slavery in this manner is akin to vindicating Nazi Germany.

Well, as you can imagine, I now had much more material to analyze, and from that I have uncovered some connections that I would have surely overlooked had Trent kept his pie hole shut.

So, I offer this essay with a heavy slant, but don't expect such priggery from in the future, unless the subject matter is of the same disgusting nature. Yes, we know that it's easy and safe to be self-righteous when it comes to matters of race relations, and yes, we are guilty of craven arm-chair protestations from the safety of our own homes while there are courageous people out there in the trenches every day that seek justice with a bit more sweat and blood.

Well, I guess all of this is to beg for forgiveness for my use of the term RepubliKlan, which I made up myself!! As the saying goes, 'the pen is mightier than the sword!' ...and surely much easier to write with....

If the Masonic astrology of the USA is indeed a widespread practice as I contend, then we should also be able to look to the other government in our history, the government of the Confederate States of America. Often simply referred to as "the Confederacy," the CSA was the ad-hoc government created by the seccesionist southern states of 1861. They drafted a Constitution that was similar to the 1787 document, and held an election for a President. The entity ended shortly after Lee's surrender to Grant at Appamattox, Virginia, on April 9, 1965.

Jefferson Davis, the President of the CSA, was inaugurated twice. The first time was as Provisional President as elected by the Convention in Montgomery, Alabama, which commenced on February 4, 1861. The second time was after an election in November of that same year.

The first inauguration was on February 18, in the city of Montgomery, Alabama. We are in search of the basic elements of the "Masonic Square of the Zodiac," which consists of Regulus, 33 (iota) Aquarii, the Pleiades and Graffias. Regulus sets as 33 Aquarius rises; these stars were a component of other events surrounding the USA and Masonry. Of note is that this is the day that the Sun co-rises (more commonly called a "cosmical rising) with 33 Aquarius, as seen in this skymap:

 Figure 1  

This is less than 24 hours after the Moon occulted the Pleiades -- an astrological phenomenon with a long history, not to mention a lunar return to the Grand Lodge chart of 1717. Luna instead is conjunct the revolutionary Uranus, which has returned to its original position in the Declaration of Independence of 8°55' Gemini: a testament to the astrological precision of that planet.

Inaugurations take place at noon, and at noon on this date we see that the Sun is making a mundo square with the fixed star theta Ophiuchi, the star of the zodiac's 13th constellation:

 Figure 2  

Relocated to Giza, we find that the cardinal points line up. This is best seen with some astrology wheels. The first shows the above noon chart, and the second shows the relocation:

 Figure 3  

 Figure 4  

At Davis' second inauguration, on February 22, 1862, 130 years to the day that George Washington was born, we find some more interesting Masonic astrology. At high noon on this date, we can see that Luna is about to conjoin, and nearly occult, the fixed star theta Ophiuchi:

 Figure 5  

 Figure 6  

Some words on Ophiuchus are needed here. Often referred to as the 13th constellation of the zodiac, Ophiuchus was earlier known as "Serpetarius," meaning "the serpent bearer." The figure of Ophiuchus overlaps another constellation, that of Anguis, or simply "the serpent." The figure at the left shows how this constellation was depicted by Bayer in his star catalog. The medical field's venerable symbol of the caduceus is a direct descendant of this constellation's mythological figure.

More important for Masonic astromancy is that this is the brightest star on the ecliptic that lies opposite of the belt of Orion. It's ecliptical value is 57' short of an exact partile to Mintaka, the first star of Orion's belt.

The relocation to Giza presents some difficulty. The classic setup of Jupiter conjunct Zavijava (beta Virgo) in mundo square to Orion is apparent, and we see striking similarities to the astrology of the making of Washington D.C. Yet, the mundo square is about 4 minutes (in time) off of being exact:

 Figure 7  

This suggests that perhaps the better date for this relocation to be of the best possible precision was February 21. However, when we cast the charts as astrology wheels, we find that they are precise in terms of ecliptic longitude:

 Figure 8  

 Figure 9  

The reason for this centers on the ommision of calculating for the horizon's atmospheric parallax, which causes bodies to "rise" about two minutes before they would if the earth had no atmosphere, which translates into about on half of a degree of arc. This bending of light in the atmosphere was usually taken into account in the tables of diurnal motion, and it was a simple calculation. However, the absence of it here suggests that the Confedrate astrologers simply ignored it, as do contemporary astrologers. Or, perhaps the temptation to have this inauguration on the very birthday of George Washington took precedence.

Trent Lott

On Friday, December 13, 2002, Trent Lott, the conservative Senate leader from Mississippi gave a press conference to apologize and explain his comments about segregation that were made some days earlier, and to defend his position about not stepping down from his role as Majority Leader. This day was rife with resignations on other fronts. The embattled Catholic Cardinal Law officially resigned his position from the Boston Dioces for his role in the Church's pedophelia scandal. Henry Kissinger resigned his commission as the Chairman of the President's new commission on the 9-11 attacks on this day, as did Dick Cheney's top advisor Maree Matlin (who graduated from my alma matter!). So, Lott was the exception to the rule in that he was rebuking calls for his resignation.

The choice of date for this is of interest to us in the context of the above radices for the CSA, and also for the radix for the State of Mississippi. The prominence of the fixed star theta Ophiuchi in the above CSA radices was preceeded by the chart for Mississippi, which was December 10, 1817 -- the date that the Sun moved into conjunction with this fixed star. Penfield gives a rectified time for this chart of 1:23 PM CST. Such rectifications are somewhat spurrious, and will not be discussed here. What can be discerned is the moment that the Sun was exactly conjunct theta Ophiuchi, which happens to be the exact moment that the Sun transits the nadir:

 Figure 10  

This chart relocated to Giza finds the alpha star of Aquila rising in mundo exactly:

 Figure 11  

Another possiblity is a chart that features the culmination of Luna. This chart, when relocated to Giza, results in a mundo square between culminating Pleiades and the setting Saturn:

 Figure 12  

 Figure 13  

The return of Mississippi to the Union, August 14, 1865, boasts Jupiter conjunct theta Ophiuchi:

 Figure 14  

It also shows the Sun opposite of the brightest star in Aquarius, and Luna at 72° of the zodiac having just conjoined the Pleiades earlier that day, much as in chart for the first Jefferson Davis inauguration.

In any event, when we see the chart for the commencement of Lott's press conference at 4:30 PM CST, we see not only the Sun/theta-Ophiuchus, but also the culmination of 33 Aquarius:

 Figure 15  

The Klan

The punchline improbitas of all this lies with the chart for the founding of the Ku Klux Klan in Pulaski, Tennessee, on Christmas Eve of 1865. I was unable to find any time of day for this chart, but this is unnecessary as we can see the conjunction of Venus and Mars with the foot of Ophiuchus in the following sky map for midnight:

 Figure 16  

(Mars conjoins theta Ophiuchus on the 23rd, while Venus is conjunct the same star on the 25th.) Perhaps further evidence of the power of this chart was seen in the northern State where the KKK gained a large foothold (pun intended) of 300,000 members in the 1920's -- Indiana, with a date for Statehood of December 11, 1816. The following sky map shows the Sun's relaitonship to theta Ophiuchi in the early morning of Dec. 11, when the Moon was culminating (out of view):

 Figure 17  

A comparison of the two charts shows the close synastry of the KKK Mars and the Indiana Sun:

 Figure 18  

All of this unfortunately seems to suggest that Lott, whose Jupiter @ 21°27' Gemini is square to his Lunar Nodes @ 22°32' Virgo and opposite of theta Ophiuchi @ 20°39' Sagittarius, has lived his political life by unassumingly and quietly playing the race card of the Old South, which some contend is alive and well in the Republican Party of the New South1. This is finally catching up with him via transiting Saturn -- the great humiliator, dissolver of illusions and exposer of lies, which has been retrograding opposite of Ophiuchus, and turns direct on February 23, 2003, @ 22°08' Gemini, which may prove to be the last hurrah for our Elder Senator, who will surely prove to be the poster boy for the Southern RepubliKlan faction.

Appendix: Mississippi Masonic Lodges

The first lodge in Mississippi was chartered by the Grand Lodge of Kentucky on October 16, 1801, at Natchez. Eventually, a Grand Lodge was created on July 27, 1818, also at Natchez.

The 1801 and 1818 events fit the traditional Masonic practice of reloactions to the pyramid at Giza, and both involve Spica and Luna.

In the 1801 event, as Spica, the Virgin's wheat, culminates over Natchez, the relocated view at Giza finds Luna culminant within an error of 20 seconds:

 Figures 19 & 20  

The 1818 chart, also with Spica on the meridian, when relocated to Giza shows Luna rising:

 Figures 21 & 22  

Notice the tight alignment of Luna and Aldebaran with the node of the horizon and the ecliptic. The cornestone of the Natchez Masonic Hall was laid on June 25, 1827, and dedicated on June 24, 1829. In the cornerstone chart, we find a fitting alignment of Sirius, Mars, and Saturn, who are all co-culminating:

 Figure 23  

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1 Some are surprised to learn that the Party of Lincoln has become a bastion for segregationist refugees of the Democratic Party in the South where anti-black sentiment was harbored until the mid-1960's. To this end, I would like to repost a few bits from an interview on the topicwith Senator Bob Kerry by Chris Matthews on December 12, 2002:
MATTHEWS: Former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey is a congressional medal of honor recipient and he's president of the New School University in New York City. Senator Kerry, you served in the Senate with Trent Lott. Should he quit?
       BOB KERREY (D) FMR. U.S. SENATOR: Well, I think-I don't know how the Republicans can continue to keep him as their leader. This is not an accidental statement. It reveals a very clear bias against the civil rights act of 1964 and the voting rights act of 1965. That's what he was saying. All these troubles that we've had since 1948 that were significant civil rights advances.
       That was-that used to be the Republican party, but those-the Republican party now in the south are former Democrats who after the 1964 act was passed, switched parties. That's the dirty little secret. The majority leader revealed it at that Strom Thurmond's party, so if they have any pretense of wanting to represent African-Americans and others who were liberated by the '64 and the '65 acts, I think they've got to repudiate this leadership.
       This is not an accidental statement. This is a very clear statement of preference that-and it was quite revealing, in fact, that-there was very little criticism coming out of the White House because unfortunately, that's probably part of their political base in the south as well. That's why when Democrats look at the south these days, there's not much good news as far as politics are concerned.
       MATTHEWS: If you took away the civil rights issue from the white Republican party of the south, would they be finished? Would the Democrats win if they didn't have the civil rights issue? Isn't that the deal breaker for the Democrats in the south, that they're for civil rights and the Republican party resists it?
       KERREY: That's quite right. I mean up until 1964, the Democrats were the party that are resisted civil rights legislation except for 1957, and that's the story that Bob Carol tells so well in "Master of the Senate." Lyndon Johnson switched in 1957 and supported a Republican president trying to get civil rights legislation passed. Judge Johnson in Alabama, other Republicans that came in in the 1950's that were considered the pariahs and all these Democrats after '64 moved over and became Republicans. That is a preference.
       I don't think you have to go very far in private meetings amongst Republicans in the south to say the '64 civil rights act and the '65 voting rights act were terrible intrusions upon the freedom of individuals in the south, so yeah, I think Trent Lott expressed a view. It was not an accidental statement, and I just-if you're sitting as a Republican in the Senate and I like Trent personally, but this isn?t about you like somebody personally. It's a question of who is going to lead you.
       MATTHEWS: Should the Republicans drop him as their leader?
       KERREY: I don't think they do not drop him as the leader, this is going to stay with them. I don't think they're going to be able to persuade people this is an accidental statement. This is a very specific statement of preference. He said, Mississippi voted for Strom Thurmond and in part because he said segregation now, segregation forever, and we're proud we did and we wouldn't have had all these troubles had the rest of the country done the same thing. That's a belief. That's not an accidental statement. That's a belief.
       MATTHEWS: President Bush was very tough today Senator Kerrey about what Senator Lott had said, very tough. I thought it was a brilliant statement. But is he ever going to be able to free himself from responsibility for having Trent Lott as his leader in the Senate?
       KERREY: No, he can't. He can be critical of it, but the question is, when you're asking somebody to lead, they represent you. They represent what the party is supposed to stand for. I just think they're going to have a tough time with this thing. I don't think they're going to be able to say gee I apologize and I'm really sorry I said it because the fact is the statement was a very clear expression of a belief, not an accidental statement.

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