The Masonic Astronomy of the Gateway Arch - Part 4
Mundane Astrology
The Knepf's Snake-eye
by Ed Kohout

The Thanksgiving 2001 Lighting Ceremony

Recently, the Gateway Arch was illuminated with floodlights for the first time in its history.  The date was Thanksgiving of 2001, and the St. Louis Post Dispatch had this itinerary in that morning's paper:

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
November 22, 2001
Section: NEWS Edition: FIVE STAR LIFT
Page A1 ID#: 0111220231


8:30 a.m. -- Thanksgiving parade starts
The parade kicks off at Broadway and Spruce Street
and heads west on Market Street before ending at 20th Street.

6:30 p.m. -- Arch lights come on
A new network of 44 floodlights will light up the
Gateway Arch tonight and stay on till 1 a.m. Friday.
Most nights they'll be on from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Illuminating the magnificent Gateway Arch to cap off St. Louis' Thanksgiving Day festivities seems like a great idea, and it was.  Knowing that the Arch is a Masonic symbol, constructed around geodetic-astrological events unique to St.Louis' unique locale and history, it might be wise to look for further evidence that this event would build upon that heritage.  Surely enough, we are not left wanting!!

Firstly, let's look at the significance of November 22nd, the date upon which Thanksgiving fell in 2001.  This date is best remembered as the date of JFK's most conspiratorial demise in Houston, TX.  However, it is also a date in which the Sun ingress into Sagittarius.  And, more Masonically, it is exactly 33 days before Christmas, and thus 33 calendar days separated from the date of the Arch Eclipse of 1935 that was described in Part 1.  It is also a date that "adds up" to 33: 11 + 22 = 33.

The astrological situation of this particular date in 2001 is nothing less than astounding.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, we find another spectacular alignment with our old friend iota Aquarii, also known as "33 Aquarius." On this date, the Moon is exactly conjunct this star as it rises at about 12:42 PM EST:

iota Aquarii rising while ecliptically conjunct Luna
Figure 1  Iota Aquarii rising conjunct the Moon via ecliptic longitude.

A closeup shows "33" in conjunction to Luna:

iota Aquarii rising while ecliptically conjunct Luna
Figure 2  Closeup of iota Aquarii rising conjunct the Moon via ecliptic longitude.

This Moon is nearly a "half-moon," where it is square to the Sun1, which is near the fixed star Graffias.  The astrology wheel of this event shows how this square forms a T-square with the Part of Fortune, which ends up on the Pleiades:

Masonic square highlighted by the planetary and POF T-square
Figure 3  The Masonic square of Regulus, Pleiades, Graffias, and iota Aquarii are highlighted by the T-square of the Sun, Moon, and the Part of Fortune.

The scheduled timing for the 44 lights to come on is 6:30 PM.  About 90 seconds later, the cardinal point 0 Cancer, which defines the keystone of the Royal Arch, rises:

0 Cancer rising on the 22nd
Figure 4  0 Cancer rising just after 6:30 PM.  On the 23rd, this cardinal point would have risen before 6:30 PM.

If we relocate ourselves to Giza, we find the Masonically revered fixed star Sirius culminating exactly!

Sirius rising over Giza as 0 Cancer rises over St. Louis
Figure 5  The relocated 0 Cancer rising chart from above relocated to Giza finds the Masonic star Sirius culminating.

The central astronomical event of this lighting ceremony is at 6:44 PM, when Jupiter co-rises with the fixed star Alnitak -- the Great Pyramid Star -- in Orion's belt, exact to two minutes of arc!

Jupiter co-rises with the Great Pyramid star Alnitak
Figure 6  Jupiter co-rising with the Great Pyramid star Alnitak.

Washington D.C. sits at nearly the same latitude as St. Louis, and therefore that location also would see Jupiter co-rising with Alnitak; if we relocate that moment back to St. Louis, Sirius is found at -33 Altitude.

All of the data presented in this four-part series suggests intelligent and deliberate astrological design, and is, I believe, thourough and convincing evidence that the Gateway Arch's secret symbolism is one of the most astounding testaments to the craft of Freemasonry.  More than simply a memorial to the legacies of Jefferson and Manifest Destiny, the Arch stands as a monument that reminds us of our place in the larger cosmic timeframe that has crossed generations, centuries, governments, and dynasties.  Now is the only perspective to where we come from and where we desire to go.  Just as a picture captures those moments, a monument like the Arch is a snapshot of how the culture of its time felt about itself, and from that, we should have no illusions about the breadth and depth of their ambitions for our society.

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1Another Masonic fascet of this Sun/Moon square is based upon the equation of [SINE 19.4712 ~= .3333_].  When 33 Aquarii is rising, Sol is @ 195 Azimuth -- a harmonic of 19.5!  Furthermore, at 6:14 PM, when Luna is exactly culminant, Mars is attaining exactly +33 Altitude and 195 Azimuth!

Copyright 2002 Edward Kohout.